Quick Answer: What Happens To The Six Leaders Of Umuofia?

What does Okika suggest they do that their fathers had never done before?

What does Okika suggest they do that their fathers had never done before.

He says to kill the white men as well as any man who has abandoned their fathers and ancestrals..

Who did Okonkwo kill?

Okonkwo’s gun accidentally goes off and kills Ezeudu’s sixteen-year-old son. Killing a clansman is a crime against the earth goddess, so Okonkwo must atone by taking his family into exile for seven years. Okonkwo gathers his most valuable belongings and takes his family to his mother’s natal village, Mbanta.

How does Okonkwo die?

Okonkwo’s suicide is an unspeakable act that strips him of all honor and denies him the right to an honorable burial. Okonkwo dies an outcast, banished from the very society he fought to protect. The novel’s second tragedy occurs on the broader level of history.

Why did Okonkwo kill the messenger?

14) Why does Okonkwo kill the District Commissioner’s messenger? Okonkwo kills the District Commissioner’s messenger to rebel against the Commissioner and the missionaries. Prior to this event, the Commissioner tricked the clansmen and put them in jail for burning down his church.

Is Okonkwo an Egwugwu?

Okonkwo has obviously risen to a lofty position of village leadership if he has indeed been selected as the egwugwu representative for his village. The egwugwu has similarities to a jury led by a foreman or judge.

How are the six leaders of Umuofia treated while in captivity?

How are the six leaders of Umuofia treated while in captivity? no food/water for 2 days, could not use restroom and messengers mocked their shaved heads. How many cowries do the court messengers ask the people for as payment to release their leaders?

How do the court messengers humiliate the clan leaders?

One of the court messengers shaves off all the hair on the six leaders’ heads while they are still handcuffed. They insult and beat the leaders. The District Commissioner tells his men to treat the leaders of Umuofia with respect.

Why did Okonkwo kill himself?

For neither the gods nor the people would consider suicide a form of sacrifice since suicide is an abomination in Igbo society. Okonkwo’s death comes because he realizes that he has failed both the people and their goddess, Ani.

Why does Ezinma break her long visit to her future husband’s family?

Ezinma breaks her 28 day visit to the family of her future husband when she learns her father is in prison. When male family and friends gathered in Okonkwo’s obi, what does Obierika notice about his friend? … Okonkwo thinks: “Those were days when men were men” (200).

Why is Okonkwo happy at the beginning of Chapter 23?

Okonkwo is pleased about the destruction of the church and feels that daily life is beginning to seem normal again. For once, the clan listened to his advice and acted like warriors, though they didn’t kill the missionary or drive the Christians out of Umuofia as he had urged.

Who does Obierika blame for Okonkwo’s death?

Obierika displays an uncharacteristic flash of temper and lashes out at the commissioner, blaming him for Okonkwo’s death and praising his friend’s greatness. The commissioner decides to honor the group’s request, but he leaves and orders his messengers to do the work.

What crimes Enoch commit?

What terrible crime did Enoch commit in Chapter 22? He killed a clansmen. He burned down the church. He unmasked an egwugwu.

How does Okonkwo know the villagers will not fight the British?

Okonkwo senses that the tribe will not go to war. He knows this because he can hear voices from his clan asking: “Why did he do it?” Okonkwo leaves. It can be argued that Okonkwo’s murder of the court messenger is both an act of fate and an act of free will.

What does Okonkwo feel the greatest obstacle to going to war against the white man is?

What does Okonkwo feel is the greatest obstacle to going to war against the white man? the coward, Egonwanne because his “sweet tongue” can turn fire into ash. When the village meeting is called after the six leaders are released from the white man’s prison, what does Okika say the clan should do? they must fight.

What did the Egwugwu do after they destroyed Enoch’s compound?

The next day, the egwugwu burn Enoch’s compound to the ground. They then gather in front of the church to confront Reverend Smith and his fellow Christians. They tell the Christians that they only wish to destroy the church in order to cleanse their village of Enoch’s horrible sin.