Quick Answer: How Do I Ask My Gallery For Work?

How do you approach a curator?

Catching the Eye of a CuratorShowcase your work professionally.

Invest in high-quality images of your work.

Take and seek out press opportunities.

Nothing draws attention like press coverage.

Show off your following.

Museums and galleries are a business too and they have their own goals to meet.

Build and foster personal connection..

5 Pro Tips for Getting into a GalleryReferrals are King. When you drop your portfolio off at a gallery, you’re just another name in the hat. … Create Your Own Luck. Again, a gallery owner is more likely to pay attention to your portfolio if you’re even the least bit familiar. … Respect Their Time. … Keep Your Ears Open. … Learn from Rejection.

How do you address an artist?

Refer to yourself in the first person, not as “the artist”. Make it come from you. Make it singular, not general, and reflective of yourself and your work. Make it clear and direct, concise and to the point.

Sales commission This is the main form of income for most galleries. Commission is the percentage of the art sale price that a gallery keeps, with the remainder being paid to the artist.

50%Every gallery is different, but most galleries take somewhere around a 50% commission from pieces you sell. Some take 40%, but rarely do any take more than 50%. Some galleries take a very small percentage in exchange for a monthly payment.

How do I submit my work to galleries?

How to Submit to Gallery ShowsSelect Your Artwork. Put some time into choosing the work you want to submit to the exhibition. … Prepare Your Submission Files. … Follow Instructions for Submission. … Double-Check Your Submission for Mistakes. … Pay the Submission Fee.

How to Approach Art Galleries and Gain RepresentationFind the Gallery That Fits Your Work and Goals. … Develop a Relationship With That Gallery. … Know How to Speak About Your Art. … Expect to Bring Your Audience with You. … Follow Submission Guidelines to the Letter. … Understand the Commission Structure.More items…

Personally address your email to the gallery and/or gallery curator. Then quickly explain who you are, the kind of artwork you make, and what you want from them. Include some eye-catching detail or interesting theme of your work, if applicable.

So, points to recap on:Be super-polite.First telephone contacts are great to find out the name and email of whom to send to.Use spell-checker on your letter.Make sure your images aren’t too big.Give them a call-to-action.Follow up with an email or phone call a week or so later if nothing heard.Sit on your hands.More items…•

How do I find my art style?

How do artists find their style?Copy the Artists You Like. But a bunch of them. … Copy the World Around You. Mimic nature. … Practice. Practice. … Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Push your skills. … Make Time to Play. Release expectations and just have fun. … Remember That it Takes Time. … Resources: … Additional Reading:

How to Get Your Work in an Art GalleryReflect on Your Work. … Be Active in the Art Community. … Create A Solid Online Presence. … Do Your Research. … Utilize Local Resources. … Practice Positioning Yourself as an Artist. … Use Social Media to Promote Your Art. … Read All the Submission Instructions.More items…•

Together with gallerist Jen Bekman, they polled over 100 gallerists and art dealers in New York City, and list the top ten ways gallerists find artists:Artist Recommendations.Curator Recommendations.Solo or Group shows.Art Fair.Slide registry or flat files.Submissions/Open calls.Other recommendations.Social event.More items…•

How can I promote my art show?

Here are ten ideas for promoting your local art exhibition:Create a promotional pack. … Create and submit a press release for your event. … Email local contacts. … Appear at local events. … Use local media. … Make use of online announcement boards. … Advertise at other community spaces. … Network through other artists.More items…•

How do galleries work?

Galleries provide their artists with space to exhibit their art and the artists provide the galleries with art. No money changes hands up front; galleries believe in the artists they represent and believe they can make money by selling their art.

When an artist is represented by a gallery, he or she has to pay a part of the profit as commission for every sold artwork. The amount varies from gallery to gallery and is usually decided upon by both parties and drafted into a secure contract. If you are an independent artist, the entire amount comes to you.

Introduce yourself, explain that you are interested in their gallery, and briefly tell them a little bit about you and your art and why you are a match for them. Follow up the conversation with an email linking to your website or attach a few jpeg images of your work – do this within a day so they don’t forget you.

How do I email an artist manager?

If you have questions, leave them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them.Be concise. … Be up front and tell people what you want. … Have a detailed email signature that includes your EPK. … Don’t send attachments. … Don’t be afraid to follow up. … Be nice.

Here are some simple tips on marketing your art gallery online.Champion your artists. You’ve chosen to work with particular artists for a reason, so share this with your audience. … Offer thought leadership. … Talk to your audience. … Get a full visual effect. … Attract visitors to upcoming events.