Question: What Is The True Size Of A 4×4?

Is a 4×4 really 4 inches?

It is well known that lumber is sold based on nominal sizes, and the actual size of the boards is smaller than the nominal size.

The 4×4 size is based on the rough-cut size of the wood, before it is trimmed and planed to create a smooth surface..

What is the actual size of a 2×12?

Nominal vs. Actual Measurements of Dimension LumberNominal SizeActual Size2 x 61 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches (38 x 140 mm)2 x 81 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches (38 x 184 mm)2 x 101 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches (38 x 235 mm)2 x 121 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches (38 x 286 mm)14 more rows•Mar 27, 2020

What is the actual length of a 16 foot board?

Softwood Lumber LengthsLength in FeetLength in InchesLength in Meters10 feet120 inches3.048 meters12 feet144 inches3.658 meters14 feet168 inches4.267 meters16 feet192 inches4.877 meters6 more rows•Apr 30, 2020

What is the actual thickness of a 5 4 deck board?

Click to see full answer. In this manner, what is the actual thickness of 5/4 lumber? Each quarter refers to 1/4 inch of thickness, meaning that a 5/4 board is roughly 1 1/4 inches thick.

Why are wood dimensions wrong?

The “nominal” cross-section dimensions of a piece of lumber, such as 2 X 4 or 1 X 6, are always somewhat larger than the actual, or dressed, dimensions. The reason is that dressed lumber has been surfaced or planed smooth on four sides (called S4S). The nominal measurement is made before the lumber is surfaced.

Why is a 2×4 actually 1.5×3 5?

The 2×4 refers to the rough-cut green wood: it shrinks during drying, then the dried wood is planed smooth, so the finished lumber is supposed to end up at 1.5″x3. 5″. While it doesn’t really shrink that much, the mills get more usable finished 2×4’s from a given tree if they cut them slightly smaller to begin with.

What is 4×6?

4×6 (four-by-six) may refer as: A common photo print size. A common term for vehicles with “4 wheel drive”, but have 6 wheels total, like for instance the semi tractors used to tow their trailers.

Why is it called 5 4 board?

Five quarters, six quarters, eight quarters. It refers to the thickness of the wood, in quarters of inches. So 5/4 is 1 1/4″ thick, 6/4 is 1 1/2″ thick, and 8/4 is 2″ thick.

How many inches is a 4×4?

So several federal lawsuits have been filed against Home Depot and Menard’s complaining that consumers are being misled because a 2×4 measures 1½ inches by 3½ inches and a 4×4 is really 3½ inches by 3½ inches.

What is the actual size of a 2 by 4?

Because of this extra milling, a 2×4 no longer measures a full 2 inches by four inches. Instead, a 2×4 is really only 1 1/2″ by 3 1/2″. The same is true of pine. A 1×6, for example, actually measures 3/4″ x 5 1/2″.

Are 4×4 actually 3.5×3 5?

no, it is just a bit over 3.5″x3. 5″ for clearance. 2×4 and 4×4 boards are no longer the actual number, but as you state–they are 1/2″ LESS.

Should I use deck boards or 2×6?

2×6 is thicker and is stronger, but is also more expensive. Spacing between deck boards provide a few critical functions. The primary function is to drain water from the deck. Gaps that are narrow (1/8”), can catch debris, specifically on top of the joists, and can be difficult to clean out.