Question: What Are The Five Main Features Of Democracy?

What are the 4 pillars of democracy?

Mentioning the four pillars of democracy- the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and the Media, Shri Naidu said that each pillar must act within its domain but not lose sight of the larger picture.

“The strength of a democracy depends upon the strength of each pillar and the way pillars complement each other..

What are the main features of democracy?

What are the key features of a democracy? Respect for basic human rights, A multi-party political system paired with political tolerance, A democratic voting system, Respect for the rule of law, Democratic governance, and. Citizen participation. Share This Video. This work is licensed under CC BY NC ND. Related Videos.

What are the main features of democracy Class 9?

Some of the major features of a democracy are:The final decision making power rests with those elected by the people.It must be based on a free and fair election.Each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value.It should rule within limits set by constitutional law and citizens’ rights.

What are 4 features of democracy?

1 Answer. (i) In a democracy, elections are held at regular intervals and are fair and free. (ii) A democracy has a multi-party system and elections are held on the basis of universal adult franchise. (iii) Freedom of speech, expression and thought is another feature of democracy.

What are the three feature of democracy?

There are three necessary conditions for a democratic government: accountability , a functioning state, and the rule of law.

What is the key feature of democracy Class 7?

Justice and Equality: Justice and equality are the two pillars of democracy. Justice is to give each one what is due to him or her as a person. Equality is defined by our constitution as “every citizen is equal before the law…

What is democracy and its features?

Democracy is a form of government that allows people to choose their rulers. it is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Features :- (i) Only leaders elected by people rule the country. (ii) People have the freedom to express their views.

What is a full democracy?

Classification definitions. Full democracies are nations where civil liberties and fundamental political freedoms are not only respected but also reinforced by a political culture conducive to the thriving of democratic principles. … These nations have only limited problems in democratic functioning.

Who is the father of democracy?

CleisthenesAlthough this Athenian democracy would survive for only two centuries, its invention by Cleisthenes, “The Father of Democracy,” was one of ancient Greece’s most enduring contributions to the modern world. The Greek system of direct democracy would pave the way for representative democracies across the globe.

What are the features of democracy Class 10?

Features of democracy:Government elected by the people.Free and fair elections.Government run by the people.Accommodation of diversities.All citizens possess democratic rights.

How many features of democracy are there?

Democracy is based on political equality. It means all citizens irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race or sex are considered to be equal before law and enjoy equal political rights. Political equality gives the right to vote to every citizen. 3.

What is the first feature of democracy?

A democracy is based on a free and fair election where does currently in power have a fair chance of losing. c) One Person, One Vote , One Value : In a democratic country each and every adult is provided a single word which is having equal value. It means each what must have one value then that of other.