Question: Does Jostens Buyback Class Rings?

Are Jostens class rings real gold?


Jostens offers gold in 2 colors and 2 karat qualities: …

14K: 58.5% pure gold, 41.5% metal allow..

Are Jostens class rings worth anything?

We understand your high school class ring is something you may want to keep forever. However, if you’re looking to purchase your college or military ring in the future, send in your Jostens high school ring and we will give you up to 50% of your ring’s original purchase price to go towards it.

Can I get a replacement class ring?

It is pretty common for a class ring to go missing. … If a replacement is not in the plan, by contacting the original manufacturer, many times you can find the exact ring style and customize it to replicate your original ring. Find pictures of the ring you lost, or ask a friend from your high school for theirs.

Will Jostens replace a lost class ring?

Jostens covers your Jewelry if lost or stolen and Jostens receives your written request for a replacement within 4 years from your Jewelry’s original ship date. You have the one-time opportunity to replace your Jewelry with the same or similar design at a reduced cost.

Do grad students get class rings?

No. I have several friends who enjoyed grad school much more than undergrad. So, they wear the class ring from their grad school. It is not the normal, but it’s perfectly acceptable.

What is the point of a class ring?

Class rings are a long lived high school tradition, around since the 1800’s, and it’s something everyone looks forward to. Class rings are worn by students and alumni to commemorate and celebrate their graduation from a high school or college.

Are class rings worth anything?

The most common class rings in circulation are made of 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, and all of them are perfect to sell. Class rings made of gold bring you more money than those made of silver. … Most people underestimate their class ring’s value, so it’s quite possible your ring is worth more than you expect!

Where can I sell old class rings?

The best place to sell old class rings for the most money is at a pawn shop. That’s right! These shops are plentiful in most cities and you can often find them in small to medium sized towns. Pawn shops do three things.

What can you do with old class rings?

Sell it. You can also take your ring to a gold dealer, in which you’ll be selling it for the precious metal. As this “junk dealer” explains in great detail, most class rings contain a good deal of gold, which makes them perfect for cashing in when the price of gold is high.

What finger do you wear your graduation ring on?

As a general rule, the graduation ring is normally worn on the ring finger of the right hand or on the little finger of either. Times, however, are changing and there are plenty of exceptions to this rule if you want to upset the status-quo and wear your ring on another finger.

Do pawn shops buy rings?

Here’s something you may know, pawn shops love diamond rings. … You can get much closer to market value of your ring than almost any other item you can sell to a pawn shop. If you need money, your ring is one of the best items you can possibly pawn or sell.

Do class rings have real gems?

Usually, class rings feature a stone in the center, the school name around the stone, and designs engraved on either side. … Based on wearers’ preferences, class rings can be made of precious metals and real gems or less expensive metals and simulated stones. “Class Ring” by Tyler.

Is it weird to wear your class ring after you graduate?

I’ve been thinking of getting a work ring since I’ve been at my job for twice as long as I was in college. Not weird. It’s a piece of jewelry and you aren’t hurting anyone or yourself by wearing it so if you want to wear it, then go for it.

How do you wear your class ring after you graduate?

Tradition also states that while the individual is still enrolled in classes the school insignia on the ring should appear inward, facing the wearer, and then upon graduation, the ring can be switched with its insignia facing outward for all to see.

How much is the average class ring?

The rings that have the best customizable options do tend to cost more and start out at around $100. As is the case with other retailers, your best option to keep the cost down is to limit yourself to lower-quality metals, as 14K gold will still run you between $400–100 even at Walmart.