How Do I Change My Phone Number On EBay?

Why can’t I send my phone number on eBay?

You must not send your details before the Buyer has won or commited to buy the item.

Once they have done this then you can send your contact details.

IF the Buyer does not go through with the purchase after viewing etc then you have to cancel the sale..

Can eBay buyers see my name?

Answers (2) Anyone one on the internet can see what you have sold if they know your eBay ID (ralphnem). … If your eBay ID contains part or all of your real name, then it is potentially possible for those who know your real name to discover your eBay ID.

How do I email eBay directly?

Back at the Help portal, choose which topic your issue falls under and then select the email eBay directly option. They generally respond within 24 hours. You can also do a one-on-one live chat with a customer-support agent, though there may be wait times just like the phone.

How do I remove my phone number from eBay?

Re: remove phone number from listings In my ebay or selling manager, hover the cursor over the account tab at the top left and select site preferences from the dropdown box. Then under business seller preferences > ‘Business seller information on the View item’ page click ‘edit’.

Why does eBay need my phone number?

You are at no risk whatsoever of receiving negative feedback if the buyer doesn’t pay you. Sellers need to have buyers’ phone numbers, since some shipping companies REQUIRE the recipient’s phone number before they accept a package.

How do I add a phone number to my eBay listing?

You are not allowed to put your contact details (email address, contact phone number or links to your website etc in any of your listings as this is now prohibited. You are only allowed to display these details in the business information box at the bottom of your listings.

How did eBay seller get my phone number?

eBay will give out your phone number if a transaction partner asks for it. I think sellers may be given it automatically, since certain shipping companies REQUIRE the phone number of the recipient before they’ll accept the package.

Can I send someone my phone number on eBay?

We also don’t allow members to offer, reference, or request email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information, physical addresses, web addresses, or links within eBay messaging systems (for example Best Offer or My Messages) or in any email communication managed by eBay.

Are you allowed to give your phone number on eBay?

Member-to-member contact policy overview We also don’t allow members to exchange email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information, web addresses, or links within eBay messaging systems (for example, Best Offer or My Messages) or in any email communication managed by eBay.

Can I give my eBay account to someone else?

In the interest of protecting our buyers and sellers, and maintaining a safe marketplace, you can’t sell your eBay account or change its ownership. … Feedback is intended to reflect a seller’s performance, so we don’t allow accounts to be transferred or sold.

Why can’t I change my eBay username?

Your username or user ID is the unique name you chose when you created your eBay account. It’s the name other eBay members see when you’re buying or selling with them. … You can only change your username once every 30 days.

How do I change my phone number on eBay app?

Change your phone number Go to Personal information – opens in new window or tab in My eBay. Select Edit next to Phone number. Select Edit beside your phone number. Enter your new phone number and select Confirm.

How do I update my profile on eBay?

You can change your account settings any time by going to the Account tab in My eBay. You can also update your profile in My eBay by selecting your username.